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Batford Springs Volunteers provide support to Harpenden Town Council in the development and maintenance of the Batford Springs Local Nature Reserve. It is a diverse, friendly group which welcomes support and help from people of all ages and backgrounds - no previous experience required!

Each project is carried out in accordance with Harpenden Town Council’s current Management Plan for the Reserve.

Recent work has included:

  • Restoration of the chalk streams
  • Repairs to river banks, to prevent river water leaking into the chalk streams
  • Clearance and shrub planting in the area adjacent to the HTC building
  • Tree planting (saplings) throughout the Reserve
  • Sowing appropriate wildflower seeds in the meadows
  • Steps repairs

Maintenance tasks include:

  • Clearing vegetation from the chalk streams
  • Removal of Himalayan Balsam, an invasive plant that would otherwise dominate parts of the reserve
  • Coppicing and selective removal of hazel and willow trees
  • Nettle and bramble clearance
  • Removal of excess vegetation from the reed-fen pond

Wildlife surveys include:

  • Monthly monitoring of the presence of invertebrates in the river (as an indication of the health of the river)
  • Weekly butterfly surveys during the summer
  • Regular bird monitoring by Harpenden RSPB
  • Summer bat surveys let by Harpenden Town Council
  • An annual plants survey


Volunteers generally work on the Reserve during the mornings of the first Sunday and third Thursday of every month of the year unless these clash with other significant dates, in which case advance notice is given regarding any change.

We are incredibly grateful to the dedicated Batford Springs Volunteers who tirelessly carry out vital work in one of our most treasured green spaces. If you would like to find out more about the Batford Springs Volunteers, please contact one of our Green Spaces Officers by emailing or call us on 01582 768278.

The volunteers also maintain a Facebook page containing up to date notices, news and photos.


History of the Batford Springs Volunteers

The Batford Springs Volunteers group was founded in 1975 as the Upper Lea Valley Group, changing its name to Batford Springs Volunteers in 1998. You can read further information about the group's history here:

The group uses Harpenden Town Council’s community outreach building on the Lower Luton Road as their base.

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