Westfield Recreation Ground

This important green space is used by the community as a recreational area which offers an area to play and explore within a residential area. There are various recreational facilities including playground and outdoor gym. There is also a large open space for general play, football etc, and a half basketball court. 

Harpenden Town Council is focussed on renovating and refurbishing this area including designating areas to encourage wildlife and biodiversity.

It is our aim to:

  • maintain and improve the recreation ground and its fitness and play equipment
  • improve the ecological biodiversity and habitats for wildlife where appropriate
  • raise awareness of the Recreation Ground within the local community and wider area.

Location:  The Recreation Ground can be accessed on foot via Hyde View Road, Westfield Place or Beeching Close (off Westfield Road) or from the end of Willoughby Road (off Ox Lane).

Westfield Recreation Ground Primary Featured Image Westfield Recreation Ground Secondary Featured Image


23/11/2022 11:13
Street Coordinators

Street Coordinators are volunteers who take on the responsibility of liaising with the Town Council and their neighbours: communicating important messages and assisting in looking out for vulnerable people. This is an invaluable scheme as Street Coordinators are often the first point of contact in identifying where assistance is needed.

12/05/2022 08:45
Supporting Ukraine

The Ukrainian flags we raised back in March are still flying high in Harpenden and as Ukrainian families are starting to arrive, the Town Council is working in partnership with local organisations to make sure that the support available is both accessible and efficient.