Rothamsted park Skatepark


The current Rothamsted Park Skatepark is nearing the end of its life and requires investment. Despite this the Skatepark is very popular and is used by a wide range of children and young people.

The PARC charity and Harpenden Town Council are continuing their successful partnership, working together to redevelop the Skatepark so that it becomes a great community asset. The redevelopment of the Skatepark is a key priority within the Rothamsted Park Management Plan.


New design for the Skatepark

In December 2022 we announced our recruitment of Betongpark Ltd for design and build of the Skatepark, you can read our press release here.

Following this announcement we shared our design and asked for views from our community. The survey is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to view the design and give us their views. Following an analysis of the feedback, we have amended the concept design which can now be seen on the images to the right. 


Future vision

Our vision for the future is based on the following key principles:

  1. It should be broadly of the same footprint as the current skatepark.
  2. All features on the skatepark should be either at or above ground level.
  3. It will be an inviting and inclusive space that includes good wheelchair access
  4. There will be features for all ages from young children up to adults.
  5. It will accommodate beginners who need to build confidence and provide a challenge for the more experienced.
  6. It will have features that are suitable for different users including skateboards, BMX bikes, WCMX (adapted wheelchairs), scooters and roller skates (traditional and in-line).
  7. It will be made from concrete which requires very little maintenance over its lifetime.

The overall budget for this new skatepark will be £250,000 with a portion of the funding needing to come from local fundraising. We are currently hoping to deliver the new skatepark by Summer 2024, but this is dependent on reaching our funding target.


Get Involved with fundraising


In order to meet the fundraising target for this project, we need support from local people, businesses and other organisations. There are a number of ways in which you can help through giving up your time to fundraise or making donations through our funding initiatives - see Parc poster on the right of this page. 

If you would like to find out more about how you can support this project please get in touch with Parc or visit their website:

Rothamsted Skatepark Primary Featured Image Rothamsted Skatepark Secondary Featured Image


26/05/2023 10:51
Harpenden Town Council welcomes new Mayor and Councillors at Annual Council Meeting

Harpenden Town Council’s Annual Council Meeting took place on 11th May in Park Hall. This is the first meeting of the Council’s Municipal Year and included election of the new Town Mayor, Cllr Fiona Gaskell, and Deputy Mayor, Cllr Pip Liver.

07/03/2023 14:40
Community Payback

Harpenden Town Council has been working with the Probationary Service’s Community Payback over the past twelve months; this scheme offers an opportunity for supervised offenders to help the community while learning new skills.