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Neighbourhood Plan Latest


At Referendum on 7 February 2019, the people of Harpenden voted ‘yes’ to adopt the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan. 4490 people voted in favour of the plan which was 89.39% of the total number of votes.

Now that the people of Harpenden have voted in favour of the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan, it will be adopted by SADC. When looking at Harpenden planning applications, the Local Planning Authority will have to consider the policies contained within the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan.

Download a copy of the plan here.

Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan’s journey so far:

Throughout 2017 the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan was prepared by local residents for local residents. It underwent wider community scrutiny during three periods of community engagement. More than 3,600 Harpenden residents helped shape the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan by completing surveys, and 680 people attended drop-in events to give their views on it. The Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan was amended following each period of engagement to meet the views of residents.

In February 2018, the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to St Albans City and District Council for their consideration before being passed on to independent examination during July to ensure it met the conditions for a neighbourhood plan. The Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan passed the independent examination and on 18 October 2018, St Albans City and District Council accepted the Independent Examiner’s modifications.

The referendum will take place on 7 February 2019. At the Referendum, Harpenden residents will vote for whether or not they want the Harpenden Neighbourhood Plan to be taken into account by the Local Planning Authority (SADC) when they make decisions in regard to Harpenden planning applications. The referendum will be very similar to a normal election with polling cards, polling stations and postal votes.

It is not part of the St Albans local plan as that is a separate document. Once in place, they will both individually form part of the Planning Development Framework for the area.


Cover of Neighbourhood Plan Supporting Documents:

A - Objectives - Policies Matrix

B - Proposals Map

C - Engagement Statement

D - Steering Group Meeting Notes

E - Baseline Report

F - Site Assessment Summary

G - Delivery Statement

H- Basic Conditions Statement 

I - Local Green Spaces Assesment Paper

J - SEA Screening Report



To view the Independent Examiners Report, click here

For more information about the development stages of the Neighbourhood Plan in 2017 click here.



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