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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities in Harpenden

People in Harpenden care passionately about their Town and its green spaces and, behind the scenes, there is an army of volunteers helping the local community. There are always many volunteering opportunities, providing the perfect excuse to spend time out doors while contributing to your local environment. 

Harpenden Town Council organises Volunteer Project Days which involve anything from clearing shrubs and restoring heather on the Common, to planting trees and helping to maintain the chalk stream at Batford Springs Nature Reserve.  Additioinally the Batford Springs Local Nature Reserve volunteers carry out incredible work to maintain and improve this amazing local resource.  

We are also seeking local expertise to support us in carrying out ecological surveys including bat and butterfly surveys.

Harpenden Snow Angels are a group of local residents who volunteer to clear snow and ice from the footways and pathways in their local area.  Read more about helping us with this important initiative here.

Our Litter Angels innitiative enables members of the community to assist in keeping Harpenden free from litter and debris. Volunteers can sign up to help pick up litter in an area, and during times, convenient to themselves.  We supply a Litter Angels pack which includes a litter picker, high vis waist coat, protective gloves and a roll of black sacks. You can read more about how to become a Litter Angel here.

If you're interested in volunteering please contact Alex or Tim: or tim.austin-lomas or call us on 01582 463667.

Volunteers Working on Harpenden Common

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