The Harpenden Town Council Mission Statement - To promote the area as a place to live, a place to work, a place to invest and a place to visit
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Harpenden Town Council is responsible for a large number of trees across all the sites that it owns and manages.

Please click here to view the Town Council's Tree Policy.

Over the next three years (2021– 2023) Harpenden Town Council will be undertaking a programme of tree planting across its open spaces. Identified as an initiative in its Business Plan, the Council is dedicated to developing Harpenden as a sustainable town and to conserving and improving  Harpenden’s parks, green spaces, and other assets so they offer a natural haven for residents’ use and enjoyment. The programme will see a mixture of trees of varying sizes, species and number,
planted in various locations, each with their own aim: to provide aesthetic interest, shade, screening, habitat etc. The Council believes in 'the right tree, in the right place, for the right purpose' approach and has taken professional advice to achieve this.

As part of the programme, the Council has put together this simple Residents' Guide to Tree Planting that provides a brief overview of the benefits of tree planting and things to consider before, during and after planting a tree:

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