The Harpenden Town Council Mission Statement - To promote the area as a place to live, a place to work, a place to invest and a place to visit
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Town Mayor's Charities

The Town Mayor's Charities for 2020/21 are The Daylight Club and The Human Milk Foundation.

The Daylight Club was formed in 1996.  It is a social club for adults of working age with physical and other disabilities manned by volunteers. Members meet Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the year. The Club provides activities to suit all interests including creative and recreational, interactive workshops, days out and listening to guest speakers talking. The Club has its own minibus for outings and door to door transport to meetings and events. The aim is to avoid social isolation for people who are not always welcome in other social settings. Members really enjoy chatting and meeting their friends regularly. For some this is their only social activity away from home or residential care. No funding is received, the Club relies solely on donations. Given how few resources there are for adults with disabilities the Daylight Club has become a vital resource which it knows makes a huge difference to the lives of its members.

The Human Milk Foundation provides donor human milk to sick premature babies in hospital neonatal intensive care units and to mums at home with cancer and other conditions.  Much like donated blood, donor milk can be life-saving for tiny babies.  The charity was set up to support The Hearts Milk Bank, based at Rothamsted Institute, and aims to scale up to ensure that every baby who could benefit can have equitable access to donor milk.  Milk donors are screened in the same way as those who give blood and all donor milk is pasteurised to ensure it is safe.  The milk is stored in specialised freezers at the milk bank and delivered by volunteers to hospitals and families at home. The HMF also provides specialist lactation consultant support to families and leads vital research in human milk science.

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