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St Albans Strategic Local Plan

Strategic Local Plan (December 2016)

Click here for a link to St Albans City & District Council's press release on the current status of the SLP.  

Strategic Local Plan (July 2016)

St Albans City and District Council have submitted the draft Strategic Local Plan to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for public examination.  Now an independent planning inspector will examine the draft plan in public on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid.

The draft plan sets out policies on development in the District until 2031 and provides a framework for the Detailed Local Plan and neighbourhood plans. It identifies the Council’s approach to new housing, infrastructure, commerce, industry and social amenities. A copy of the Publication draft Strategic Local Plan is available online

The draft plan has been produced following two public consultations, one in late 2014 and another in January this year. The Council has provided the planning inspector with a summary of representations made during the consultation process.  During the examination, the planning inspector will assess whether the plan has been properly prepared in the light of the representations, statistics, data and research.

At the end of this process, the planning inspector will recommend whether the plan can be adopted as drafted or whether changes have to be made.   Copies of the plan and all associated documents are available to view at the Town Council Offices until 23 September 2016 or by clicking here

Strategic Local Plan Publication Draft (November  2015)

The District Council consulted on the Final Publication Draft of the Strategic Local Plan between 8 January and 19 February 2016. The two questions that can only be addressed at this stage are:

  • has the SLP been prepared in accordance with statutory procedures and requirements and;
  • is the SLP 'sound', meaning - among other things - is it effective?

The Town Council has submitted a response which can be viewed here.

Strategic Local Plan Consultation (October-November 2014)

From 10 October to 23 November 2014, St Albans City & District Council consulted on the draft Strategic Local Plan.  The Plan will set out the overarching policies and principles for what can be built and where over the next two decades.   
The Town Council has submitted a response which can be viewed here.

Strategic Local Plan (January 2013)

In January 2013, St Albans City and District Council’s Cabinet decided to commission new studies to inform the forthcoming Strategic Local Plan.  This decision was in response to a motion from Council on 28 November 2012. The motion called for an independent review of Green Belt boundaries and a Green Belt study of all potential housing locations.  
The studies, which will be used as evidence, base for the development of the Strategic Local Plan, include an Independent Assessment of Housing Needs, Green Belt Review and Green Belt Review Sites and Boundaries Study.  All these documents and more detail on the background to the process are available on the District Council's website via this link:
At the District Council's Planning Policy meeting on 1 May 2014 a report 'Draft Initial Evaluation of Green Belt Strategic Sub Areas' was considered.  The purpose of this report was to inform the Committee of the initial results of evaluation of the eight Strategic Sub Areas in the Green Belt (as identified by the consultants from SKM in the Independent Green Belt Review).  This report can be viewed via the link:
The Town Council has submitted a formal response to the report with respect to the two sites identified in Harpenden, which can be viewed here.  The areas in Harpenden are referred to as S5: Northwest of Harpenden and S6 Northeast of Harpenden. 

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