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London Luton Airport


Following the decision of the Secretary of State not to Call-In the planning application Luton Borough Council has issued the Decision Notice, which can be viewed here.  They have also published the S106 Agreement that has been entered into with LLAOL and the two documents can be found on page 24 of the planning pages relating to 12/01400/FUL on the Council's website here


The Department for Communities and Local Government has written to Luton Borough Council advising that the Secretary of State, having considered this case and call-in policy, has decided not to Call-in the planning application of London Luton Airport Operations Ltd to expand the airport.  A copy of the letter can be viewed here.   

The Town Council received notification from Luton Borough Council that the LLAOL planning application would be considered at the Council's Development Control meeting on Friday 20 December 2013 at 10.00am.  Representation was made by the Town Council at this meeting.  Luton Borough Council approved the application.

However, the Department for Communities and Local Government had already issued an Article 25 holding direction, which permitted the application being considered and agreed but it could not be granted.  In response to Luton Borough Council's decision the Town Council wrote to the Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government and for Transport requesting that they use their powers to call-in the application to give it full consideration.  The Town Council's letter can be viewed here.

A link to the Agenda and supporting documents which includes the Development Control Manager's Report can be found at:

Details of Luton Airport Operators Ltd Planning Application which they submitted to Luton Borough Council can be found at the direct link:

The Town Council's response to the Planing Application can be viewed here.   A press release was also issued and can be viewed here.

The deadline for public objections to the planning application to expand Luton Airport to 18 million passengers a year was Monday 18th February 2013.  Objections were submitted using the above link to the planning application, or email: or writing to the Development Control Manager, Luton Borough Council, 2nd Floor Town Hall, Luton LU1 2BQ.  The application reference, 12/01400FUL must be quoted in all submissions.

The Town Council wrote to the Managing Director of London Luton Airport Operations Ltd asking why they had decided not to submit the application to the Planning Inspectorate.  The Town Council's letter can be viewed here.  The response from the airport's Managing Director, Glyn Jones, can also be viewed here.

The Town Council also wrote to the Secretaries of State for Communities and Local Government and for Transport requesting that this Planning Application be Called-In and outlining our reasons why.  The Town Council's letter can be viewed here.  A response was received from DCLG's Nick Boles MP [attached here] and from the Secretary of State for Transport [attached here].  

Local Campaign Groups
There are a number of local campaign groups who are also scrutinising the planning application, gathering information and formulated responses.  Details of these Groups and links to their websites are as follows:

LADACAN [Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise] -
HALE [Hertfordshire Against Luton Expansion] -
HarpendenSky -

There is also a 'no more night flights' campaign website which previously held a petition via a link from its homepage.  


A report was submitted to the Airports Commission by Weston Williamson + Partners (firm of architects) proposing a 4-runway hub airport in the Luton Airport area.  A copy of the report can be viewed here.  The Town Council's response to this report can be viewed here.

The Airport Commission were planning to consider these proposals and develop a shortlist by the end of 2013 of those it wants to take forward for further detailed consideration and consultation during 2014/early 2015, before submitting its final recommendations to Government in summer 2015.  The Government of the time would then come to a view on the recommendations of the Commission in coming to decisions.  It is important to note that this proposal is in a pot with a range of others - including Heathrow, Stansted, the various estuary airport proposals, etc and should be viewed within this bigger context.  Views and comments could be made to the Commission by 27 September 2013 to ensuring the name of the proposer and site were identified.



Harpenden Town Council wants to express the views and aspirations of the community effectively and efficiently, but equally importantly, in a timely fashion.  One method of doing this is through Issue Response, the Town Council’s reactive, quick and easy on-line survey initiative.

The Town Council asked residents for their views about the important changes being proposed by London Luton Airport Limited and how this will affect Harpenden. Our survey ended on Monday 12 March 2012. The results of this can be found here.

Following on from this survey, the Town Council has formulated a response to GL Hearn on the Future Luton Optimisation consultation. The Town Council's response can be viewed here.

The Town Council also formulated a response to the London Luton Airport Operations Ltd (LLAOL) on the proposals to increase the capacity of Luton Airport by 15-16 million passengers per year by 2028.  This response can be viewed here.

Since this last response, the Airport Operator and the owners, Luton Airport Limited, have joined forces to produce a Revised Masterplan.  The consultation on the plan has concluded and the Town Council's response can be viewed here.

(Details of the exhibitions that took place in September 2012 can be found here.   Further details of the proposals can be found on the London Luton Airport web page )

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