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Litter In Harpenden

Litter Survey - update coming soon

Harpenden Town Council would like to do what it can to help reduce litter around town and is currently reviewing the litter survey, gathering feedback from residents. From the survey, the Council is seeking to pinpoint litter hotspots around town, on both Council-owned and private land; learn ways we can help prevent litter; and identify areas where Litter Angels – a new Town Council-organised voluntary litter picking group – are needed.

Litter Angels

The Litter Angels scheme was launched in 2021 to ask members of the community to assist in keeping Harpenden free from litter and debris. We hope that the program will enhance the enjoyment of the environment for the wider public. Volunteers can sign up to help pick up litter in an area, and during times, convenient to themselves.  We supply a Litter Angels pack which includes a litter picker, high vis waist coat, protective gloves and a roll of black sacks.

Litter Angels are asked to monitor their local area and keep an eye out for places with extreme litter distribution. Additionally, they should notify Harpenden Town Council if specialist assistance in clearance is required – such as in the event of fly tipping or dumping.

More than one Litter Angel may be designated the same area, especially on large areas of land e.g. Rothamsted Park.

Locations included in the scheme are:

  • Common
  • Rothamsted Park
  • Batford Springs and open space
  • Lydekker Park
  • Porters Hill Play Area
  • Westfield Recreation Ground
  • Town greens – Leyton Road, Leyton Green, Bowers Parade sensory garden, Town Centre.


If you are interested in volunteering as a Litter Angel, or would like further information, please get in touch with Miriam Allum tel. 01582 463540 or email

Design Competition 

We asked local children to create a poster to discourage littering in Harpenden. The winning designs will be made into a sign and put on permanent display in Harpenden's green spaces!

We were inundated with incredible designs and the judges were so impressed with the level of creativity and thought from all entrants. Thank you! The winners are doing to be notified in the next few days - follow us on social media for further updates.

flyer advertising design competition

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