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Litter In Harpenden

Litter Survey

Share your ideas and feedback with us by taking our Litter Survey: 

Harpenden Town Council would like to do what it can to help reduce litter around town and is currently conducting a litter survey to gather feedback from residents. From the survey, the Council is seeking to pinpoint litter hotspots around town, on both Council-owned and private land; learn ways we can help prevent litter; and identify areas where Litter Angels – a new Town Council-organised voluntary litter picking group, due to be launched later in the year – are needed. Take the survey: 

Litter Angels

Stay tuned for more information regarding our Litter Angels scheme! The Litter Angels scheme is a new initiative where residents can volunteer to litter pick a designated area of Harpenden. Litter Angels will be provided with a hi-vis, gloves, bin bags, and a litterpicker.

Design Competition 

Create a poster to discourage littering in Harpenden and your design could be made into a sign and put on permanent display in Harpenden's green spaces!

  • Design a poster that will encourage people to think twice before leaving their rubbish behind
  • Create your poster on A4 paper and write your name, age, school year and school/organisation on the back. All Harpenden primary & secondary students are invited to participate
  • Drop off or post your design to Harpenden Town Council, Town Hall, Leyton Road AL5 2LX
  • Entries can also be scanned and emailed to:
  • Deadline: Friday 27 March

flyer advertising design competition

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