The Harpenden Town Council Mission Statement - To promote the area as a place to live, a place to work, a place to invest and a place to visit
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Issue Response

Harpenden Town Council wants to express the views and aspirations of the community effectively and efficiently, but equally importantly, in a timely fashion.  One method of doing this is through Issue Response.  Issue Response is Harpenden Town Council's quick, easy and on-line survey initiative. There are important issues which are going to affect you and Harpenden and this is one way you can give the Town Council your views. The results of Issue Response will enable the Town Council to respond with authority on behalf of Harpenden residents.

Past survey subjects have included Harpenden’s Train Service, Harpenden’s  Farmers Market and Harpenden’s Christmas Lights, Aircraft Noise and the Keep it Local Loyalty Card scheme.  All you need to do to join this free service is sign up using the form below or email your name to

Another added advantage of Issue Response is that it may alert you to issues of which you were previously unaware. In return for giving your response, you will always receive feedback about the overall survey result and what the Town Council intends to do with the information.

It's quick, it's easy and it gives the community a stronger voice and your Councilors a clearer mandate to fight for Harpenden's interests on the many key issues now affecting Harpenden's future.

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