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Fovant Close Community Orchard

Fovant Close Community Orchard is situated on a small section of land between Fovant Close and Broadstone Road.

Members of the public at Fovant Close

Community Orchards can not only offer an opportunity to plant local varieties of fruit, but also create a place for quiet contemplation and a refuge for wildlife. It is intended that the orchard will be open and accessible at all times; a place where local people can share its harvest and get involved with the orchard's maintenance, under the guidance of its owner, the Town Council.

Fruit varieties will consist of the following:
Apples -Baxter's Pearmain, Bedfordshire Foundling, Discover, Hitchin Pippin, James Grieve, Laxton's Fortune, Rivers Early Peach, Scarlet Pearmain, Warner's King, Winter Greening, Wyken Pippin, Young's Pinello
Pears - Jargonelle, Michaelmas Nelis
Plums - Marjorie's Seedling, Early Laxton's.

Residents have been given the opportunity to sponsor a tree. Find out more here: Fovant Close Community Orchard sponsorship opportunities

If you are a local resident and would like to sponsor a tree, or for further information, please contact:
01582 768278

Last updated about 2 years ago