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Harpenden Common Project Day

Date: 23rd Sep 2019

Harpenden Common Volunteers help the Town Council to manage Harpenden Common on dedicated Project Days throughout the autumn and winter months. Managing the Common helps nurture a diverse mosaic of habitats for local wildlife to flourish. Recent project days have included clearing invasive holly from the woodland, coppicing gorse and broom to encourage new growth, and working on projects such as heather restoration.

Project Days are a great opportunity to get out and do some exercise while helping maintain the legacy of Harpenden Common. Come and meet some like-minded people and learn a bit more about wildlife on your doorstep!

Lunch and refreshments are provided, and there is no minimum obligation -- volunteer for one project day, multiple project days, or just a few hours!

If you’d like to get involved or find out more details, email

2019-2020 Schedule: 

23rd-24th September

Cutting back the woodland on stretches of land along West Common, preventing the woodland from encroaching onto the roadside meadows and sightlines

21st-22nd October

Cutting back scrub along the woodland edge between St. John’s and the Orchard to provide a varied structure of woodland, scrub and grass along the margin between the woodland and the meadow

11th-12th November

Thinning scrub and small woody species on the hay field as part of our cyclical management plan works to provide a mosaic of different age structures

16th-17th December

Removing saplings and overgrown scrub around southdown ponds, including cutting back a section of the nettles in the third pond to provide age diversity to the swathes of nettles found there.

20th-21st January

Continuing the work that started last year to thin St. John’s wood, selectively removing the holly understorey to allow more light into the field layer of the woodland and encourage fresh growth

17th-18th Feb

Family conservation sessions in the school holidays, completing work that hasn’t been completed throughout the year.