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Educational Resources

The Town Council has produced educational resources for Primary and Secondary schools.  The Primary resource is also aimed at social groups such as Brownies and Scouts.  If you would like any further information, please contact the Town Council on Tel: 01582 768278 or email

map of Harpenden Common


Harpenden Common Nature Trail (4.50 MB - This document may take some time to download)

The Harpenden Common Nature Trail follows the marked yellow route located at the town end of Harpenden Common with a deviation to St John's Wood, the Brickle Dells and the Picnic site. The trail is designed for primary school aged children as part of a school outing or as activities for Brownies or Scouts.  It gives users an opportunity to explore, discover and learn about the natural history of the Common and to enjoy their visit.

This trail guide is designed to be used by the teacher or leader to provide a guide to the trail and activities to undertake at each stop.  The trail is approximately one mile and has ten stops for activities. It is not necessary to stop at each location.  Allow 15 minutes for each stop and 45 minutes to walk the trail. To undertake the whole trail and all activities including a break you will need to allow at least three hours. The picnic site provides an opportunity for a lunch break. All of the activities are designed to be carried out on site but there are opportunities for follow-up work in the classroom or at home.

There is also a series of Interpretation and Information Boards on the trail that will tell you more about Harpenden Common's history and wildlife.

If you would like a printed copy please contact Heidi Mansell on 01582 768278 

children playing game


Key Stage 3 Science Activity
Footpath Tramping on Harpenden Common’s Aci
d Grassland

Footpath Trampling on Harpenden Common’s Acid Grassland                                           Footpath Trampling on Harpenden Common's Acid Grassland - Appendices and ResourcesFootpath Trampling Workbook

Key Stage 4 Science Activity
Woodland Management on Harpenden Common

Woodland Management on Harpenden Common     
Woodland Management on Harpenden Common - Appendices and Resources  
Woodland Ground Plant WorkbookWoodland Tree Workbook 
Woodland Invertebrate Workbook

 Students may also find the Nature Detectives/Breathing Places Leaf Identification chart of interest.

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