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Dog bins

dog waste binTo help keep our open spaces clear of dog fouling, Harpenden Town Council provide dog waste bins for responsible dog owners to use to dispose of dog faeces on land that is owned by the Town Council. Dog mess is not only an unpleaseant nuisance but can lead to an infection called toxocariasis.

Please pick up dog faeces with a poop scoop or something like a small plastic bag; at some sites, bags are provided via a dispenser. Please do not take more than your fair share of bags - they are for everyone to use and please do not throw your bagged waste into the hedgerow.  

Bagged dog waste can now also be disposed of in everday litter bins.

All of the bins are emptied regularly by the Town Council's grounds maintenance contractor.  Some bins are emptied more frequently than others depending on useage. Sometimes bins may appear full when they are not. This is usually because the bin has been obstructed by a single large bag resulting in excess waste being dumped on the ground nearby. Should you notice that a bin is full please report it to the Town Council on: 01582 768278. 

Click here for a list of dog bins.


Last updated about 2 years ago