Dementia Friendly Harpenden

Harpenden Town Council has committed to making Harpenden a Dementia Friendly Town, a place where those living with dementia are understood, respected and included. 

Dementia is a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving, perception or language, and affects daily life. Dementia is challenging for both people with the condition and their carers, but it is possible to live well with dementia.

What would you do if somebody approached you and indicated they were lost or confused?

Please take a look at this article from the Alzheimer’s Society which provides helpful information and suggestions for approaching somebody who may be living with dementia. 


Are you worried about the cost of living?

Click here to read the Alzheimer's Society article about help and support available to people living with dementia.


Memory Lane Café - supporting people living with dementia in Harpenden

Every Monday 2-3.30pm

The Harpenden Memory Lane Café is open every Monday from 2-3.30pm (with the exception of Bank Holidays) at The Salvation Army on Leyton Green in Harpenden.

The Memory Lane Café has been set up to support those living with dementia and their families. Part of wider initiatives helping Harpenden to become a more dementia friendly town, the café offers a welcoming and understanding environment to enjoy tea and cakes in a relaxed, local setting. Refreshments are served alongside a varied programme of activities and entertainment, and the opportunity to get help and advice from external groups such as Citizen Advice.

The Café is organised through a partnership between Harpenden Town Council, The Salvation Army and The Harpenden Trust’s Wellbeing Hub and is an opportunity for anyone living with dementia, and their loved ones, to enjoy a cup of tea and a piece of cake with a range of activities to participate in should they wish to.


Upcoming sessions

Harpenden Memory Lane Cafe regularly hosts special activities which are popular with our guests. Please see our Christmas calendar below which details festive activities which we look forward to welcoming you to.

Memory Lane Christmas


Dementia Action Week

Back in May 2022, as part of Dementia Action Week, we hosted a talk by Dementia Friendly Ambassador, Rob Kember. The session provided a great insight into living with dementia, not only for those who are already affected by the condition but also to those who support the Harpenden Dementia Friendly Town initiative and are keen to understand more.

Harpenden Town Council will, again, support Dementia Action Week in 2023 - we look forward to sharing our plans and specially organised activities nearer the time. In the meantime, we hope Rob's article below is interesting and helpful. Click here to read the article.


Want to find out more?

Click here to read more about further services and support in our area.



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23/11/2022 11:13
Street Coordinators

Street Coordinators are volunteers who take on the responsibility of liaising with the Town Council and their neighbours: communicating important messages and assisting in looking out for vulnerable people. This is an invaluable scheme as Street Coordinators are often the first point of contact in identifying where assistance is needed.

12/05/2022 08:45
Supporting Ukraine

The Ukrainian flags we raised back in March are still flying high in Harpenden and as Ukrainian families are starting to arrive, the Town Council is working in partnership with local organisations to make sure that the support available is both accessible and efficient.