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665_CDP-1001 TOWN MAYOR Councillor Brian Ellis.jpg    665_Harpenden Town Mayor 2015-16 Councillor Brian Ellis with his Consort Mrs R Ellis.JPG
                                                                                                The Town Mayor, Councillor Brian Ellis and consort Mrs Roona Ellis

Town Mayor 2015 - 2016  Councillor Brian Ellis

After a degree in engineering at Loughborough, Brian joined the international staff of HSBC and worked in Hong Kong. Subsequently he worked for large banks in the City of London, including 15 years at Citigroup where he specialised in the insurance and reinsurance sector. This required extensive travel to the United States, Bermuda and Continental Europe.

Brian has lived in Harpenden for 30 years and is married with two adult children, who attended local schools. He was elected a Harpenden Town Councillor in 2011 and was Deputy Mayor 2014/15.

He was elected a St. Albans District Councillor in 2009 and is the Portfolio Holder for Housing and Property Management. This role includes oversight of the redevelopment of sheltered housing into modern extra care facilities - such as Lea Springs in Batford. Also to oversee a programme of new social housing being developed on disused garage sites with around 100 units in the pipeline. Brian is also engaged on the project to move the Museum of St Albans into the old Town Hall and to redevelop its current site on Hatfield Road.

As a member of the Hertfordshire Armed Forces Community Covenant Board, Brian is involved in plans for the commemoration of the First World War, including a memorial to Private Edward Warner VC of St. Albans. He completed an MA in First World War Studies at Birmingham in 2010. Apart from his Council work, Brian is active in the community as a Board Member of a Housing Association, Chairman of a housing charity and as a JP.

This year Brian has chosen to support two local charities: The Harpenden Trust and The Southdown Play Areas Working Group. The Harpenden Trust has been in operation for 60 years and helps individuals and families in Harpenden who are suffering hardship, financial or otherwise. The Southdown Play Areas Working Group has been established this year to raise funds to rebuild children’s play areas in Southdown and is an initiative of the local community.

Brian is looking forward to his year as Mayor and sees it as an honour and a privilege to work for the town of Harpenden and its people.

 665_Town Mayor by The Harpenden Trust stall - 6 June 2015.JPG            665_Town Mayor by SPAWG stall - 6 June 2015.JPG                       
                   The Town Mayor at The Harpenden Trust stall and the Southdown Play Areas Working Group stall - Carnival 6 June 2015      

         665_Jim McGown Esq DL and the  Harpenden Town Mayor, Cllr Brian Ellis.JPG       665_Houghton Regis Civic Reception - 19 June 2015.JPG          
         DL Jim McGown and the Town Mayor  - Civic Service 7 June 15                               Civic Reception - Houghton Regis - 19 June 2015

 665_IMG_0381.JPG       665_IMG_0388.JPG   665_IMG_5919.JPG                                               Opening of Crabtree Fields - 16 July 2015                                                                         The Town Mayor's Charity Quiz Night - 24 July 2015

665_The Town Mayor Cllr Brian Ellis with Graham Westwell Chairman of The Harpenden Trust - Charity Quiz Night 24 July 2015.JPG     665_Harpenden Town Mayor, Cllr Ellis speaks at his Charity Quiz Night - 24 July 2015.jpg                                                           The Town Mayor's Charity Quiz Night - 24 July 2015
 Teddy Bears Picnic - Lydekker Park - 1 August 2015                  (photo courtesy of Dan Brown)               A Celebration of Local Volunteering - 5 August 2015
665_thumb_DSC_0630_1024.jpg           665_Mayor and Cake.jpg          665_Harpenden Swimming Club - Open Meet - 3 Oct 15 - cropped.jpg 
                       A Celebration of Local Volunteering - 5 August 2015                                  Harpenden Swimming Club - Open Meet - 3 Oct 15

 665_Brian, Sali and Homes 21.jpg    665_Press 3.jpg    200_Group of residents with Brian and Sali - better - cropped.jpg
                                                                               Official Opening of Lea Springs - 9 October 2015 
665_Press 2 - Photo forwarded from BE from SADC re Lea Springs Official Opening.jpg                              665_Theo and BE - Fine Dining Charity Event 9 Oct 15.JPG
  Official Opening of Lea Springs - 9 October 2015                                                      Fine Dining with Theo Michaels - 9 October 2015

 665_Theo Michaels and the Town Mayor - Fine Dining Charity Event 9 Oct 15  cropped.jpg      665_IMG_5993.JPG      665_IMG_5996.JPG
                                  Charity Fine Dining Evening with Theo Michaels and Charity Representatives of The Harpenden Trust and SPAWG - 9 Oct 15.    

 665_Luton Mayor - Coffee Morning - 17 Oct 15.jpg   665_The Town Mayor at the Harpenden UNA Flag Raising Ceremony 24 Oct 15 - Copy.JPG   665_Winter Planting event - 31 Oct 15.JPG
  Luton Mayor's Coffee Morning - 17 Oct 15 (photo courtesy of Ray Berry)                                                              Harpenden UNA Flag Raising 24 Oct 15                     Winter Planting Day  1st Harpenden Brownies - 31 Oct 15

 665_Harpenden Ladies Circle Craft and Gift Fair - 20 Nov 15.jpg   665_BUD_7289.JPG   665_IMG_3845.JPG                    Harpenden Ladies Craft and Gift Fair 20 Nov 15                                                             Harpenden Day Nursery 22 Nov 15                                                               Town Mayor's Charity Race Night - 28 Nov 15          


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